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Assistant Principal


It is indeed an honor to serve Olive Middle School as the Assistant Principal. I have been here at Olive for over 13 years and have embraced this community as well as the families that have come through our doors. As the Assistant Principal, the safety of all our students is of upmost importance, and along with a fantastic staff will do everything possible to ensure that. One of the goals at Olive is to prepare the students for High School and beyond, so our Olive community will always have opportunities for growth with our academics as well as all the activities that are to be scheduled throughout the year.


There is pride here and I wish to continue our growth and academic achievements for years to come. Our uniform and dress code policy has ensured that our students look sharp and professional every school day. I thank all the parents for the support in this aspect. Olive is unique to the Baldwin Park Community, in that it tries to stay ahead of the rest in the use of technology in every classroom and in every aspect our students’ learning The use of the Jupiter Grades system to update grades daily and to quickly communicate with students, parents and teachers has proven to be a vital tool in keeping our students accountable and keeping all aspects of learning accessible.


Thank you for allowing me to work with our students. I look forward to many more years that are productive with the Baldwin Park families.