Girls on The Run Program Expands Across Baldwin Park Unified Schools

The Baldwin Park Unified School District is thrilled to expand the Girls on The Run program to all middle and elementary schools for the first time. This expansion offers more female students across the District the opportunity to join this empowering after-school program.
Girls on The Run is a national organization that helps girls in grades 3-8 develop social, emotional, physical, and behavioral skills. Through the support of special Expanded Learning Opportunities Program funds, this is the first year that every elementary and middle school in the District will offer this valuable program. Female students in grades 3-8 are beginning their training for the 5k event happening on May 11th. Coaches are preparing weekly practices that include goal setting, warm-ups, team building, workouts, snack breaks, and reflection journaling. 
Photographed to the right, Olive Middle School is one of the newly participating schools with a group of 15 students in the program. Coaches Jamie D. Lee and Alain E. Villegas lead the charge by organizing meaningful workouts and supporting the Olive Middle School group to reach their goals. The coaches enhance practice sessions by playing the students' favorite music and rewarding them with stickers for each lap completed, serving as an incentive. Additionally, they actively engage in the workouts to foster team bonding and encouragement. The program has already made a positive impact as students continue to improve their distance goals and build supportive relationships with their peers.
"I am very excited to welcome the Girls on the Run program at Olive because it will help foster a positive and inclusive environment where girls can develop essential life skills while engaging in physical activity. I am grateful for our two coaches, Mrs. Lee and Mr. Villegas, for enthusiastically taking on role and for their commitment to making sure that this program has a positive impact on our campus," Olive Middle School Pamela Cruz said. 
Girls on The Run is one of many programs BPUSD offers in their commitment to supporting student growth.
Olive Middle School is now enrolling for the 2024-25 school year. 

For more information about enrollment, please visit: BPUSD School Enrollment – Student Services 
For more information about Olive Middle School, please visit: 

Olive_GOTR1: Students from Olive Middle School begin their warm up exercise during their Girls on The Run after-school practice.
Olive_GOTR2: Olive Middle School students part of Girls on The Run pose for a group photo with their coaches Jamie D. Lee and Alain E. Villegas. 
Olive_GOTR3: Olive Middle School students participate in a team building activity as part of their Girls on The Run program.