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Mrs.Ortega's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Ortega's Math Class!
I am excited to help your child learn new math skills this year. Mathematics improves our mental ability and it teaches us logical ways of thinking. It will not always be easy, but most of the fun is in learning new things!
Class Schedule:
1st Period- Math 8
2nd Period- Math 7
3rd Period- Math 7 
4th Period- Math 7
5th Period- Advisory
6th Period- Math 6
7th Period- Prep
Class Description:
Math 6: Ratios and proportional relationships; early expressions and equations.
Math 7: Ratios and proportional relationships; arithmetic of rational numbers.
Math 8: Linear algebra and linear functions. 

Grading Policy

A        90-100%

B        79-89.9%

C        68-78.9%

D        57-67.9%

F         0-56.9%

Classroom Expectations:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Prepared

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