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Welcome to our class website!
Period 2: 8th Grade Honors Language Arts
Period 3: 7th and 8th Grade English Language Development
Period 4: 7th Grade Honors Language Arts
Period 6: 8th Grade Honors Language Arts
Period 7: 7th Grade Honors Language Arts
Contact Information: [email protected] or (626) 962-3311
Please read below for the class syllabus:

School Mission Statement

A community working together to achieve success.




Course Description: 

7th Grade Honors Language Arts is a course that will present you with many new challenges in the areas of writing, literature, grammar, and vocabulary. My goal is to develop an appreciation for literature as well as give students the skills they need to be successful in classes across the curriculum. 


Daily Class Materials:

* Bring your materials to every class meeting and be ready to learn. Recommended supplies include:

-working literature  

-3 ring binder with pockets and filler paper. A section should be set aside for Language Arts.  Or folder

-2 or more pencils (#2 pencils, or mechanical pencils)   -2 or more blue or black ink pens

-Hi-liter (4 different colors recommended)    -Colored Pencils


Grading Scale           

Tests, Projects = 55%     Class Work, Homework = 45%       


Grading 100 – 90% = A      89 – 80% = B 79 – 70% = C     69 – 60% = D 59 or below = F  


Grade Requirement: Students must maintain a grade of C or higher to remain in Honors Language Arts.  If a student’s grade drops below a C, parents will be contacted and he or she may be placed in daily detention to help make-up assignments and improve grade.  


Late Work: All late must be submitted to teacher by designated deadline.  Talk with teacher for more information


Classroom Rules:

1. Respect people, property, and time; 

-keep rude comments and your hands to yourself and don’t waste time; keep the class clean!

2. Come to class prepared to learn

Bring your pens, pencils, books and all school supplies to school everyday

3. Be cooperative and courteous; so NO Talking    

-when the teacher is talking or another guest or student is talking

4. Remain seated and raise your hand if you want

-to make a comment or need something

     5  Display a positive attitude


Student Behavior Expectations:

* Participate in class activities


* Academic honesty is required; cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be reported immediately to parents and to school administration.

* No food or gum allowed in class. Drinks in resealable containers are allowed. 

* NO in-class grooming, note-passing, or any other distracting behavior.

* If you are late, be like a SHADOW--walk in quietly to the class and make no noise like if you were a shadow

* Respect all who enter our class



* Warning

* Conference with Mrs. Ruiz

* Detention with teacher and parent contact

* Referral to Assistant Principal

* Parent Conference