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Mrs. Vong's Class

Welcome to my class page!  I am excited to share all the wonderful things my students are learning in class with you.
Period 1 Science
Period 2 Language Arts
Period 3 History
Period 4 Science
Period 5 Advisory
Period 6 History


Every student is required to bring the following materials to class each day: 

  • Binder with Agenda 
  • 2 sharpened pencils and a highlighter marker 
  • 1 glue stick 
  • Homework and assignments 
  • Textbook  
  • 1 notebook per subject-will contain all notes, classwork and tests/quizzes   


Classroom Expectations

Everyone has the right to, and should expect to, learn.  Each student is worthy of respect.  Classroom orderliness is necessary for an effective classroom.  Hard work is necessary for learning. 

  • Be respectful 
  • Listen to teacher quietly 
  • Sit up-right 
  • Raise hand to speak 
  • Wait until teacher dismisses you
  • Be responsible 
  • Follow directions 
  • Actively participate in group activities
  • Take notes 
  • Complete and turn in assigned tasks 
  • Be prepared
  • Be seated when the tardy bell rings
  • Have all needed materials out 


  1. 1st offense: Warning 
  1. 2nd offense: Loss of Brunch 
  1. 3rd offense: Parent Notification 
  1. 4th offense: Referral to Assistant Principal* 


  1. Verbal praises 
  1. Lancer way tickets 
  1. Stamps on agenda 
  1. Parent notification 
  1. School-Wide recognition 


Homework Policy 

Homework will only be assigned as any work that is not completed in class.  If students finish all assigned work in class, they will not have any homework.  All assignments can be found on JupiterGrades.  


Absences and Tardiness 


  • Students must have a re-admit from the Attendance Office before re-entering class 
  • Students are responsible for notifying teachers of absences (whenever possible) and obtaining homework 
  • Students are responsible for scheduling a day/time with the teacher to make up tests and quizzes 


  • Students need to be in their assigned seats when the tardy bell rings, otherwise, he/she will be marked “Tardy” 
  • Excessive tardiness will result in brunch detention 
  • A note is required from a teacher or an administrator to be excused