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Welcome to Olive STEM


STEM Class Syllabus


Mr. Torres


7th/8th Grade S.T.E.M. Elective Room H-1

(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

E-mail: [email protected]


Course Information:

My goal throughout the year is to do my very best to help you be successful in all individual and group projects.  This course is project-based and requires you to take charge and interest in your own learning. In order to effectively support your learning and provide you with meaningful learning opportunities you must:

  • Come to class ready to work and learn
  • Give your full attention and effort
  • Follow all Directions
  • Be respectful to all teachers and classmates

Throughout the course of this year you will be required to work individually and cooperatively to complete research, activities, projects, and an interactive/reflective STEM notebook. These assignments are meant to enrich your understanding of the material covered in class.  Therefore no one will be exempt from these assignments, including absences!


Skills required to be successful in STEM (The 4 C's):

  • Think Critically
  • Use Creativity
  • Work Collaboratively
  • Communicate effectively

Materials needed for class:

Composition Notebook (70 pages or more)



Colored pencils

Any other materials needed for projects/activities (varies by student/group)


Course Overview:

In order to make the projects relevant and challenging students will actively research and problem-solve “real-world” situations/problems.  Although projects and activities are subject to change as needed, the main areas covered are as follows:

  • Investigations (Inquiry and Experimentation)
  • Scientific Method
  • Hands-on problem solving
  • Forensic Science (gathering and presenting evidence)
  • DNA Fingerprinting  (Crime Scene Investigation analysis)
  • Examining Physical Evidence (math-based analysis)
  • Simple Machines (design, collaborate, build, and test)
  • Electricity (motors, circuits, robotics)
  • Magnetism (Mag-lev technology)
  • Solar Energy
  • Photovoltaic Cells/Panels
  • Designing a practical and sustainable use
  • Information Technology
  • Research and Communication
  • Computer Coding

Other topics for research and discussion will center around technology, renewable energy, environmental biology, future innovations/problems and solutions.


Sites to remember and bookmark: for reflections, assignments/grades/questions/tests/quizzes  for student/parent links  for educational videos and quizzes

The Lancer Way

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Prepared